Custom Fish Tank

Designing the Aquarium of Your Dreams

Build a better aquarium with Aquatic Euphoria. We design, build, and install custom aquariums that complement your home or business.

Custom Aquarium 1

Custom Aquarium Design

Call us today to schedule a free consultation, we'll meet with you, your architect, contractor, and or designer.  We'll discuss your ideas, preview the available space, go over all your options that'll meet your design and artistic requests, as well as the requirements for the livestock of your choosing.
Choose from a number of aquarium set-ups, including living reefs, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, or a unique singular species tank. Need an aquarium as a room divider, not a problem, how about one installed into the wall, consider it done, a stand-alone tank in your child’s room, sure can! From 10 gallons to 10,000 gallons, we can provide it all for you!

Custom Aquarium 2

Custom Filtration 1

Filtration Systems Done Right

We are not in the business of cutting corners, under filtering, or over populating.  We've come across all too many systems during renovation calls that were installed in such a manner where the livestock had little to no chance of survival, and they didn't, Aquatic Euphoria does the job right the first time.  The filtration system is the heartbeat of the aquarium, while the tank is serviced on a regular basis, the system is what keeps things running smoothly in between, so it's important that the filter system is installed correctly and competently, THAT'S WHAT WE DO!

Custom Filtration 2

Monitoring System

Computerized Monitoring/Controlling

Inquire about having a computerized monitor/controller added to your filtration system, these units can monitor your overall water chemistry and turn off/on dedicated pieces of equipment to keep your aquarium at its physical best around the clock. They can also trigger alarms if there's an issue, and even notify us via email or text if something needs to be addressed.