About Us

Aquatic Euphoria is based in Los Angeles and was formed in 2005, derived from the love of everything aquatic, we are dedicated to bringing the customer what we've experienced our entire lives, the sheer delight of a hypnotizing underwater menagerie that just brings utter joy and relaxation to your commercial or residential property.  With over 20 years of experience and many more as lifetime hobbyists, A.E. believes wholeheartedly in bringing you the very best that this wonderful hobby has to offer.  After working in this business for roughly 12 years and learning every facet of it, A.E. came about to put everything together that's satisfying and gratifying for the customer who wants to own an aquarium(s), but at the same time flushing out the bad that still exists in this hobby which unfortunately sometimes finds its way to the unaware consumer.  A.E. wants to insure all of its potential customers that we stand for absolute integrity and will not settle for less, this includes filtration, equipment, parts, etc. with proven track records for quality, durability, and longevity, healthy animals that are either collected or captive raised with the utmost care, as well as A.E.'s knowledge and experience to put it all together for years of enjoyment.  We truly believe in doing it right or not doing it at all as declared in our mission statement, because doing it right means happy animals which translates into happy customers, and your happiness is our success!

Mission Statement

Our mission is our statement, "Aquarium Systems Done Right", Period!  Let's face it folks, we live in a world where the all mighty dollar will make some people do things they absolutely shouldn't be doing, and this hobby is no exception when it comes to those who fall into this category.  We've seen and experienced this time and time again, whether we were under bid with a competing proposal where the cost would indicate the aquarium system couldn't possibly be correctly built for the size of the aquarium being considered or we were called to renovate an existing failed set-up, only to see the issues were caused by under sized equipment being used and or the lack thereof.  We can only assume this was due to the aforementioned or insufficient knowledge, but rest assure that A.E. will treat your aquarium as if were one of our own personal tanks.


Bottom line is that aquariums can be made into virtually any size or shape imaginable, however that doesn't mean a thing without the proper filtration, or more importantly the proper sized filtration.  We do it right the first time, we will give you a HONEST opinion on whether or not certain livestock can not only survive, but thrive in unique requested aquariums.  If the odds are against the animals doing well, then A.E. will politely decline our services and truly hope the potential customer decides against pursuing others to do the job because eventually someone will.  If the livestock is not going to do well, then there's really no reason to invest the time and money, we would be more than happy to bring this wonderful and amazing hobby to your location of choice, but we will only do so in a beautiful, responsible, and professional manner.


Thank you in advance for selecting Aquatic Euphoria for all you aquarium needs,


B. Frank Smith, Owner